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What is CryoCorrect

Gently freezes away dark spots and skin tags. A direct flow of carbon dioxide targets skin lesions on face hand and body without harming surrounding skin. A Proven treatment for spot on correction



The  CryoCorrect Treatment has been clinically proven to treat mild to moderate cosmetic skin lesions such as:


  • Sun Spots

  • Age Spots

  • Solar Lentigines

  • Mild Actinic Keratoses

  • Skin Tags


Removal of Dark Spots

In a 6 week clinical study 98% of patients showed an improvement in dark spot intensity and 86% of patient shoed an improvement in dark spot size after just 1 CryoCorrect Treatment. A Statistically significant decrease in the intensity and size of dark spots occurred at weeks two, four, and six. Sixty Six Percent of subjects showed complete removal of a dark spot by the end of the trial at week 6

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